Bodybuilder ‘with world’s biggest biceps’ shares gruesome pics in Insta post

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    A bodybuilder with extreme bulging biceps has been rushed to hospital for emergency surgery.

    MMA fighter Szymon Komandos, who is known to inject his biceps with oil to increase their size, shared gruesome photos from his hospital bed showing a long line of stitches on his arm.

    He posted a second snap of him lying in the hospital bed which he said was taken after a first round of surgery.

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    The strongman, who has a Mike Tyson-esque facial tattoo, is thought to have been using Synthol oil, a substance used by some body builders to heighten the appearance of their bulging muscles with his biceps measuring some 25 inches.

    Komandos, dubbed the "Polish king of Synthol", has been very open about his use of various drugs and ailmants to enhance his physique.

    He previously told Gazeta: "I take testosterone, the dose is 100mg every other day, masteron 400mg a week, oxa 5mg a day, I will add hormone to that."

    "This is my current cycle. There's a lot of it, so I can't remember everything."

    Synthol oil is injected deep into the muscle, causing them to deform and blow up though doctors have warned the health consequences can be severe.

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    The MMA star said he would continue to fight despite the setback.

    "Don't even consider that I'm going soft or losing hope," he said.

    "Also remember that I officially promise that I will have a fight. I'm gonna make a mess you'll see."

    The use of the oil is seemingly in vogue among body builders.

    Recently, a Russian bodybuilder dubbed "Popeye" had to undergo life-saving surgery to remove rotting flesh from his triceps after he injected them with oil.

    Kirill Tereshin, 24, had to have to rounds of surgery to drain his arms of fluid caused after he injected Synthol and was told by doctors that had he waited any longer, he could have died.


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