Bloke’s ‘disturbing’ result as he asks AI filter for ‘Harry Potter’s nipples’

A TikTok user instructed an artificially intelligent filter to make a picture of "Harry Potter's hard nipples" – and the result was disturbing.

Maverick McNeilly, the husband of Marylin Monroe lookalike Jasmine Chiswell, was seen in the video testing out a new filter that supposedly creates an image from phrases typed into its search bar.

His wife wanted him to search for "Harry legs" but he changed it to "Harry Potter's hard nipples", while Jasmine told him off in the background for having a dirty mind.

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But many viewers and the couple themselves expected the crude search to come up empty – and when it didn't, they were all left disturbed.

The image generator displayed an image of what appeared to be Harry Potter and Professor Dumbledore with a large nipple in the centre of the screen, gaining more than 54,900 likes.

Shocked TikTok users took to the comments claiming the image was "scary" and some even branded it "chaos".

One user wrote: "Okay I think you should put the phone down Maverick."

Another added: "I don’t know what I was expecting but it was not that lol."


A fourth commented: "This is actually so scary."

The news comes after a TikTok account revealed terrifying "end of the world" selfies after asking creepy artificial intelligence technology to give examples of what they would look like.

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The profile, which is aptly named Robot Overloards, posts "disturbing AI-generated images" every day – with the creator using the DALL-E mini AI image generator answering some unsettling requests.

In a video they shared earlier this week, the user asked the software to show what "the last selfie ever taken" would look like – but the images it produced weren't for the faint hearted.

Each AI-generated image showed apocalyptic scenes including mutilated humans holding phones as the world descended into chaos around them.


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