Bloke survives being stabbed through neck by trident and claims it didn’t hurt

A man baffled doctors after telling them he didn't feel any pain despite being stabbed through the neck with a trident.

Bhaskar Ram, 33, got into a fight with two men at his workplace in Kalyani, India, one of whom stabbed him with a 1.5ft, 150-year-old trident.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital on November 28 and had to be transferred to a specialised hospital 65km away.

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Graphic photos show a trident jutting out of one side of his neck and coming out the other, with Ram looking remarkably calm considering the severity of his injuries.

It is not clear how the argument began or the identity of the person responsible for the horrific attack.

Cjief surgeon Dr Pranabashish Banerjee was woken at 3am in order to do emergency surgery, removing the weapon from Ram's neck after hours of painstaking work.

Bizarrely, sources from the hospital said he told doctors he was in no pain or discomfort.

It appears the part of the neck he was stabbed somehow managed to avoid severing any veins or arteries, leaving him in a far better state than would be thought possible.

Dr Banerjee, said: "There was no sign of blood or injury which took me to surprise.

"Only traces of blood were found outside his mouth."

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Somehow, the brutal stabbing missed all of Ram's vital organs and the patient has recovered extremely well.

"We first conducted a supportive surgery by placing a tracheostomy tube in the airway for breathing and then started our surgery," Dr Banerjee said.

"None of the vital structures were injured as the rod had miraculously missed the vital organs that included the carotid, internal jugular vein, trachea, oesophagus, larynx, vertebra and the spinal cord.

"The patient has recovered well and we are gradually removing the supporting tubes.

"The tracheostomy tube was removed and the nasogastric tube will be removed once the MRI report arrives."


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