Bloke still haunted by being ‘surrounded by old naked zombies’ at nudist beach

A Brit has told how memories of being “surrounded by naked old men” on a nudist beach still haunt him 25 years later.

Londoner Ben Myers, 47, has recalled the time he accidentally visited a nudist beach in 1997.

And it took place at the infamous Bricket Wood naturist resort.

Bricket Wood, also known as Spielplatz – which is German for playground – can be found in Hertfordshire.

It is the longest-operating naturist resort in the UK, having opened in 1929, and has 65 houses on site.

The media company chief executive told the Daily Star: “I got very high after work with a mate, too high in fact, and decided to drive to Spielplatz the nudist camp in Bricket Wood.

“I was driving around this nudist camp paranoid, scared, bewildered and bemused – and it was one way.

“I was looking at people that shouldn't be naked . . . and then the car broke down.

“We then found ourselves surrounded by naked old people like a scene from a zombie film or The Walking Dead.

“We were too scared to get out of the car, but we had to and pushed it to the entrance of the place for the RAC to come and fix it.”

He added: “It still scars me today – hash, old cars and nudists don't mix.”

Ben wasn't the only person to have memories of nudist beaches burned into their mind.

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Writer and Bolton-native Jordan – who did not want give her last name – was in Majorca when her strange experience took place.

It involved a very sunburnt man, and a lot of sea water.

The frequent Majorca visitor recalled: “I walk past a nudist beach all the time in Majorca.

“I once witnessed a man dig a hole, fill it with sea water collected from a bucket and sit in it. Presumably he’d burnt his bits.

“He looked relieved.”

Despite the strange sighting, Jordan admitted that she did once give a nude beach near the area of Can Picafort a try.

She was 18 at the time and “very much alone”, she said.

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She laughed: “I did it for a few minutes but I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it. I sat there and thought, what am I getting out of this?

“And put my bikini bottoms back on.”

One user on Twitter, @Lespoirdemaive, admitted that her friend nearly proposed to his now-wife on a nudist beach.

She said: “Luckily, he noticed some people stepping out of the water nude before popping the question.

“She didn't see it as it has behind her. He just got her to move to the next beach.”

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