Bloke lives in £300k abandoned plane in middle of woods but made ‘huge mistake’

A Boeing 727 has become a dream home for a former engineer who has spent hundreds of thousands creating his vision.

Former engineer Bruce Campbell first decided he wanted to live in an abandoned aeroplane at just fifteen.

To bring his ideas to life the 73-year-old first splashed out nearly £24,000 ($26,000) for 10 acres of land in the woods in Oregon in the US.

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Bruce then needed to find his plane which is when he says he made a big mistake by buying it from a scrapyard for £79,000 ($100,000).

He toldCNBC Make It: “That was a Whopper class mistake.

"I’ll never do that again. Salvage companies are wreckers.

“I highly recommend just buying a jetliner completely intact and completely functional, except maybe the removal of the engines.”

The jetliner could originally seat 200 people and boasts 1,066 square feet.

It also has an interesting history as it flew the remains of the airline's owner, who had been married to the former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, at the time of his death.

Bruce who needed to shell out a further £94,000 ($120,000) to have the plane towed onto his land loves his lifestyle.

He said: "When you live in a structure like this, you feel a little more fulfilled with your life.

“And if you’re an engineer, scientist, or anyone who appreciates the elegance and beauty of aerospace technology, it’s just a happier place to live.”

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The plane now includes a bathroom, kitchen and even a washing machine.

He sleeps on a futon sofa and his bills total a frugal £290 ($370) a month.

Bruce now wishes to do it all again this time in Japan.

He added: “I have no regrets about pursuing this vision.

“In my experience with my guests, I believe that humanity will embrace this vision wholeheartedly in enough proportion that we can utilise every jetliner which retires from service.

“It’s intended to put a home which I love in a land I love and with people I love.

“If I can simply regain my youth, everything will be fine.”

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