Bloke has taken ‘most ecstasy of anyone on planet’ after 40k pill powerhouse

A pill-popping party-goer who necked 40,000 ecstasy pills in a nine year stretch has been deemed the man to have taken "the most ecstasy of anyone on the planet".

Good goings for the 37-year-old, whose average MDMA intake would have worked out at 25 pills a day.

Quite the hobby that is, it appears the unnamed bloke took so many of the illegal substance after getting "very much into the club scene" over nine years of ecstasy taking.

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His case had been documented in a medical paper which revealed the massive amount of substances and the fascinating survival of a man who partied on for nine years.

Only known as Mr. A throughout the transcript, the reveller is said to have been heavily into the drug scene from age 21 to 30, taking five tablets every weekend for his first two years.

Over the three years that followed he was knocking back 3.5 tablets every day in a move that makes Hunter S. Thompson seem like a lightweight.

Rounding out the final four years of his drug intake, the unnamed party-goer was popping 25 tablets a day on average.

After that hefty party it appears that 40,000 was the limit, with the bloke quitting the illegal substance and surpassing the previous record of 2,000.

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Acting psychiatrist Christos Kouimtsidis noted that when treating the patient, the amount of drugs in his system meant he was high "for a few months" after quitting.

A seemingly stunned Kouimtsidis added: "Typical use is not every day and not the amount of tablets he was taking. It was extreme, his use was really, really high.

"It was more like a management of his mood rather than excitement and having fun."

Mr. A, who researchers lost contact with, was also said to be taking benzodiazepines, amphetamines, LSD, cocaine and heroin, Daily Mail reported.

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