Bloke freaked out by neighbour’s creepy security camera ‘spying’ on his property

A man has told of how someone in his parents' neighbourhood has erected a security camera on top of a radio antenna amid fears it is looking into backyards.

The security camera is attached high up on the roof of the owner's house.

Posting about the strange finding on Reddit, he wrote: “I’ve just come over to visit my parents and over the week their neighbour has added what looks like a decent quality security camera to the top of his hobby radio antenna.

“I just noticed it and felt like it wasn’t right, he’s got cameras for his property (which I can understand) but one that high up and can be turned to look into other neighbours’ backyards just feels wrong.

“I’ve got no idea why he needs one that high up, occasionally a couple channels on my parents’ TV would get crappy signal from what I would assume be him using his radios.”

The massive radio antenna does have a very visible security camera attached to it, but it is unclear whether or not the camera is real or fake – or what the purpose of the antenna is.

Reddit users agreed that the situation was “odd”, slamming the owner of the device as a “loose cannon”.

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One user posted: “I feel like most people would reason that the sort of person who would do this in the first place – have a big a*** antenna, and a security camera – is probably something of a loose cannon.

“That’s creepy.

“Bad enough for your parents, but if there are folks with second storey bedrooms anywhere near there’s nothing to stop this from surveilling their windows (sic).”

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However, one poster suggested that the equipment might actually be for a more innocent, and actually useful service.

They wrote: “My old man is a geek for amateur meteorology and he has a weather tower on the roof of this house with a camera pointing towards the ocean for watching storms,” one user explained.

“A neighbour came around one afternoon worried about it being pointed towards residents but he showed him the footage and that was the last we heard of it.”

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