Bloke bombarded with Wetherspoons pub complaints because of his unfortunate name

A bloke has found his social media messages bombarded with complaints about the quality of well-known chain Wetherspoons because of his similar-sounding name.

J.D. Witherspoon – a comedian sick of being tagged in "s****y reviews" of the pub chain – hit out at those sending him messages slating various franchise outlets.

Because Wetherspoons has no social media presence on Twitter, it seems the next best place to complain is at a man with a somewhat similar name to the offending boozer.

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Naturally the US comedian is sick of the replies, but has also found the funny side of airing the fuming punters, whose complaints of toilets and Tuesday night steak clubs struck a chord.

J.D. explained: "There's a pub in the UK called JD Wetherspoon, so it's the same name as mine except it's off by like one letter, so it's an 'e' instead of an 'i'.

"And they have like the worst f**king reviews ever, but they have no social media presence, they deleted that at like s**t review number 208.

"So guess who has a Twitter account that gets f**king bombarded by dumbass British people every other day. They'll find me on Twitter, see my f**king face in my Twitter profile and be like 'all right, let's get into this'."

Despite explaining several times he is not pub company Wetherspoons, those attending the bars took no notice, LADBible reported.

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One user wrote: "@jdwitherspoon Kingston Tuesday night steak club. Never ever again. Number 1 worst steak ever."

What an American comedian can possibly do about the state of Tuesday night meat in a Midlands pub is yet to be seen.

People are now replying to Witherspoon's tweets with reviews of their trips to their local establishments, with one writing: "Bro your burgers are s**t, when are you getting the new menu in Southampton?"

Another wrote: "really liked my last visit to your venue in Edinburgh. Good service and cheap pints . Hood [sic] on you mate . Keep it up."

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