Bloke arrested for battery after launching sex toy at girlfriend in hotel room

A man has been arrested after launching a sex item at his girlfriend, which left her with a bruised torso.

Christopher Pacitto, 45, and his 33-year-old unnamed girlfriend were having an argument in a room at the Sun Island Motel in Florida.

And, oddly, it escalated to such a level that Pacitto grabbed his other half's dildo and launched it at her while he was packing a suite case to leave.

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The offending item hit her on the torso and “left her with a bruise”, the arrest record shows.

He also threw other sex-related items, but they missed the target.

Pacitto told police he threw items from the suitcase but did not recall exactly which items were thrown.

The bloke claims to have been “under the influence of alcohol” at the time, but was charged with domestic battery upon arrest.

He has been released on bail, and been told not to have any contact with the girlfriend.

The arrest record said: “The defendant got into a verbal argument with his girlfriend of seven months. While the defendant was packing his suitcase to leave the room, he began throwing the victim's items out of the suitcase.

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“During that process, the victim advised the defendant hit her with a sex toy on her torso, leaving a bruise.

“The defendant… admitted to throwing items but does not recall exactly what items.”

The incident has gone down as a misdemeanour, which, in Florida, comes with either a one year jail term or a suspended twelve months sentence, as well as a near-£1,000 fine regardless of the prison term.

There is also a high possibility he will be sent on a 26-week intervention programme, as well as being given additional community service hours – as well as a permanent “no contact” order with his girlfriend.

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