‘Bigfoot tracks’ found in snow but not everyone is convinced by ‘rigid’ toe

Giant frozen toe tracks have fuelled heated debate over who they belong to with some suggesting Bigfoot.

Reddit users have been locked in discussion over a pair of photos at the same location in rural Illinois, US, that have been shared on the r/bigfoot community.

One snap shows a straight line of evenly spaced tracks in shallow icy snow coating long grass.

The second image is of the photographer's foot planted beside a print which shows toe-like indents on either side of a single footprint.

The person's foot next to the track shows it is the same size as a human's as though someone has walked through the freezing terrain without any shoes on.

Redditer U/Consistent_Issue_101 shared a screenshot of the pictures to the group, asking its 103,000 members for theories.

They captioned the post: "Found in southern illinois and was posted to a local facebook group 3 days ago."

The original social media upload from an unknown source was captioned: "A friend of mine sent these to me when it snowed last. Tell me what would make this imprint/footprint through all of the snow and INTO the frozen ground."

Despite the group being dedicated to Bigfoot, few enthusiasts were willing to accept that it was evidence of an enormous beast living in the wild.

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Someone commented: "The toes look very rigid, like either a fake or maybe a bear stepping in it’s own prints and the claw and toe pad marks have melted together.

"The stride also looks very short for something 7+ foot tall."

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Another replied: "Possible that it might not be that tall some are short but either way humans can step further than that if not the same."

A suspicious Reddit user was not having any of it, they said: "The toes look like someone 'drew' them in the snow."

"I was about to say the same thing. Like somebody drew toe lines into the snow in front of some existing footprints," someone else added.

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