‘Bigfoot’ caught on thermal camera peeking around tree by stunned researchers

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Researchers shooting a documentary series about Bigfoot captured footage of what they say is the legendary ape-man of the forest peeping out at them from behind a tree.

The video, shot on a thermal camera shows a mysterious heat signature that does certainly appear to be a large human or ape-like figure peering out at the camera from behind a tree.

As commenters on a Reddit Bigfoot group point out, to register on the the infra-red camera the figure in the footage couldn’t be a human hoaxer in a suit.

A “gorilla suit” of the kind critics say is used in some faked videos would tend to mask the wearer’s heat signature.

The video was shot for the Travel Channel’s Expedition Bigfoot. The hugely popular series follows a team of researchers as they try to find solid evidence of America’s Yeti.

The team is led by Mireya Mayor, a noted anthropologist and wildlife correspondent who found a previously-undiscovered species of lemur Madagascar and has co-written several scientific papers on lemur species.

"Throughout my career, several Bigfoot researchers had approached me about questions they have about prints they found, but I felt this was an opportunity to conduct a proper scientific investigation into the subject matter of Bigfoot," she said.

"For me," Mireya added, "it was a very natural fit. What I liked very much about the premise of this expedition is that it would be a team of experts with very different skill sets and backgrounds working together in one particular hot spot.

"It was a unique opportunity and approach to find Bigfoot that I have never seen before."

Accompanying Mireya on the hunt for mysterious creature are fellow cryptozoologists Russell Acord, Bryce Johnson, and Ronny LeBlanc.

Reactions to the footage were mixed.

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One Redditor said “With thermal, if you wear a suit you can tell. It would be pretty hard for poor Sasquatch Researchers to hoax a 9-foot creature that has proper thermal readings, and often leaves footprints with mid tarsal break and correct anatomy”.

In response, another user said: “Seems like a hoax to me. There's only 3 videos I've ever seen that I think may be real.

"The best is still the Patterson film. I've seen so much video and picture ‘evidence’ and heard so so many stories. It's a shame there's so many hoaxers”.

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