Bigfoot believers in frenzy as ‘very fresh’ footprints found deep in mud

Bigfoot enthusiasts are in frenzy over some new snaps of possible sasquatch tracks.

The pictures were shared on Facebook group Bigfoot Believers by Stanley Warmack, who explained that they'd been sent to him by a friend.

Stanley wrote: "I friend of mine from work sent me these pics knowing how big of Bigfoot Believer I am.

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"These 2 photos were taken in Danville, Illinois, by some of his family that was working a pipeline there. Looks legit to me. What do you all think? [sic]"

The first image shows two footprints roughly an inch or two deep in some mud.

The second is a close up of another print, with what appears to be five clear toe marks.

Several people in the comments section reckoned that Stanley's friend's family may have stumbled upon the real deal.

One wrote: "Bigfoot footprints, my god those look very fresh and I wonder where this footprints were going and where they all heading."

Another said: "For one thing it is flat footed with what looks like a joint near the middle like an ape. Which helps them climb trees. I can't say for sure these are from a Bigfoot and I'm no expert but I think it could be."

"Looks like something I wouldn’t want to meet head on," said a third.

However, others weren't convinced and had problems with how the footprints were positioned.

One said: "Looks human. Bigfoot walks in a very straight line. Steps do not alternate as these footprints in this pic show [sic]."

A second said: "Bigfoot doesn't walk duck footed!"

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Countering this, another person wrote: "Everyone that thinks a splay footed gait isn't normal clearly hasn't studied that, even human prints differ. I'm pretty sure they suffer orthopaedic issues as well."


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