Bible prophecy 2021: End of the world Tribulation is ‘getting close’ claims TV evangelist

Pastor Paul Begley addresses ‘end of the world’ claims

The Christian Bible lists many terrifying events that will unfold before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself spoke of wars and rumours of wars, nation rising against nation, and famines and earthquakes in the end times, according to the Gospel of Matthew. It is a matter of theological debate whether these events are happening now but niche groups of Christian evangelists believe the prophetic forewarnings of the End Days are already unfolding.

Christian evangelists like Paul Begley of West Lafayette, Indiana, in the US, use their platforms to preach warnings on an almost daily basis.

Pastor Begley hosts the weekly series The Coming Apocalypse, which is broadcast on some TV channels in the US.

During the show, the preacher cites passages from scripture and strenuously links them to modern-day events.

He frequently cites earthquakes, asteroid flybys and political conflict as proof of the Bible prophecies he preaches.

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Pastor Begley also runs a popular YouTube channel, where he tells his more than 343,000 followers the End Times are near.

In a recent live broadcast, the firebrand preacher told his subscribers 2021 will be a year of major Biblical shifts.

He said: “Having looked at all these things that are happening, this year, 2021, we will see significant prophecies really coming forward.”

A key sign, he believes, is the transition of Israel’s capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

When president Donald Trump’s administration moved its embassy to Jerusalem in 2018, many including Pastor Begley, saw this as the fulfilment of Psalms.

Psalms 132 states God “has chosen Jerusalem and will dwell there forever” and Psalms 137 has called on all Israelites to “exalt above their chief joy”.

Other Christian evangelists, such as Dr Irvin Baxter who died in November last year, believed the Tribulation would begin after Israel secured a peace deal with its neighbours in the Middle East.

Pastor Begley has previously called this peace deal the Covenant with Many from the Book of Daniel – a prophetic precursor to the end of the world.

In September last year, Israel signs a historic peace accord with Arab Gulf states, leading evangelists to speculate the Biblical Covenant was taking shape.

He now said: “It’s getting close now with these nations signing on.”

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Pastor Paul Begley warns ‘the earth is going to be shaking’

Pastor Begley added: “Certainly, you know that Christ’s imminent return is not far from now and that the church needs to be prepared to be raptured.

“And the Bible tells us that the dead in Christ shall rise first, and us that are alive and remain shall be caught up forever to be with the Lord and so shall we be with the Lord.”

According to evangelical interpretations of scripture, Jesus Christ will appear in the heavens on the day of the Rapture.

This will not be the Second Coming just yet but instead, Christians worldwide will be plucked into the heavens in the blink of an eye.

Some Christians, however, reject any such attempts to date or predict the Second Coming of Christ.

Stephen Witmer, pastor the Pepperell Christian Fellowship in Pepperell, Massachusetts, believes it is antithetical to the Bible’s message to set dates on Christ’s return.

He said: “While not setting a specific date for the return of Jesus, many claim we are living at the very end of history, and support this claim by matching current events with specific biblical prophecies.

“It is estimated that a third of white American evangelicals (about 20 million people) believe they will live to see the end of the world.”

He added: “When our waiting for Jesus is founded on God’s promise, we draw our confidence from the dependability of the one who has made the promise.”

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