Bemused cops discover passenger in police chase is alligator named Karen

Cops were left shocked after they realised the passenger in a high-speed chase was a live alligator called Karen.

Lake County Sheriff's Office made the bizarre discovery after an officer attempted to get the driver of a fast-moving vehicle to pull over in Michigan on Saturday (June 11).

But the man tried to evade police which led to a brief chase, with the help of Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) law enforcement.

The driver was arrested after the chaotic chase ended with him becoming trapped between two trees and an alligator was found sitting inside of the vehicle.

"The passenger, 'Karen' the alligator, attempted to flee the scene but was taken into custody after a short scuffle," the department said on Facebook.

"Karen is not facing any charges at this time.

"We believe she was an unwilling participant during the incident, nor do we believe she was ever in control of the vehicle."

The driver has since been identified as a 40-year-old man, who has multiple warrants from another jurisdiction, reports People.

Authorities have confirmed that he was taken into custody and is now facing several charges.

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Surprisingly, Karen isn't the only reptile to have recently had a run-in with the law, as Sheriffs in Texas were called to an alligator roaming around in the desert.

The creature was spotted hanging around a mobile home and RV park in the unusual location and was taken into custody.

Midland County Sheriff's Office believes it was an exotic pet that had managed to escape or was dumped by its owner.

It is unclear at this time whether the pair were reunited.

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