Become a yeti by growing your hair to stay warm this winter say scientists

Brits are resorting to growing their hair to stay warm during the winter a bid to beat huge energy bills.

Scientists reckon growing long hair, beards and body hair improves circulation in cold temperatures,

Among those sporting the yeti look is Sharon Munro, 38, who didn’t shave her legs for months.

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She says it was worth it for the extra layer of warmth, despite them getting so hairy people thought they belonged to a man.

Sharon, who stopped shaving between October and April, said: “Surprisingly it was quite cosy. I kept them hidden under trousers so no one saw them. They were like gorilla legs.

“People didn’t believe they were mine and I had to prove it against a male friend’s leg to show it was real. I do think having hairy legs helps with keeping you warmer.”

Sharon is planning to let her leg hair flourish again this winter and thinks it’s a “good way to save money” this winter amid rising energy bills.

And she is not alone in adopting taking extreme measures to avoid switching the heating on.

Social media is awash with others who think getting more hairy is a good idea.

One person said: “My hair is absolutely destroyed because I’ve been growing it to stay warm during the winter.”

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Another added: “I originally started growing my beard out as a way to stay warm this winter, and now people keep complimenting me on it, and now I can’t decide if it should be seasonal or not.”

Reports of the trend of growing hair to save cash comes after predictions bills could hit more than £3,600 a year this winter.

Hairs on skin help to control body temperature, by lying flat when people are warm and rising when they get cold.

A part of the brain which monitors the body’s temperature receives information from temperature receptors in the skin and circulatory system.

It is believed that having long hair allows the body to retain more heat during cold weather.

Reports of the trend of growing hair to save cash comes after predictions bills could hit more than £3,600 a year this winter.


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