Bank Holiday weather leads to bizarre chemtrail theories ‘Look up’

Conspiracy theorist makes extraordinary claim about chemtrails

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With temperatures reaching 20C across parts of the UK on Saturday, conditions are humid enough to see aircraft leave long last trails in the sky. Conspiracy theorists believe the trails, which are actually condensation left behind from combustion within the engines, are something more sinister designed by secret Government departments.

aking to Twitter to explain why chemtrails are trending on the likes of Twitter and other social media sites, Robbie Five G explained the link to the weather.

He said: “For those wondering why chemtrails trending today, it’s because there’s a weather front with very high relative humidity at flight altitudes and contrails are the entirely normal result of burning hydrocarbon fuel in very cold, humid air.”

The aviation phenomenon has caused mixed debate as to the cause of the trails on social media.

Mark Caitlin started the bizarre debate.

He wrote: “While I’m not entirely convinced about the scale of chemtrails I understand why other people are, it’s not as if this idea of dimming the sun hasn’t been posited for years.”

Others were convinced the trails are part of a secret Government plan.

Another user, Peter, said he contacted an MP about the trails – only to be told aeroplanes a cause.

He added: “Such a response can only lead me to believe that his Government colleagues are keeping a tight grip on this.”

Backing up the insane theory, Joany Baby said: “What on earth are you doing?

“Stop spraying us like bugs to be exterminated.”

CPeaceMaker added: “I never believed this until I watched it with my very eyes yesterday chemtrails now I get it [sic].

“I was outside 90 percent of the day.

“I watched with my own eyes the trails didn’t disappear like they should, they spread out and by the afternoon it caused a big gloomy man-made type of fog.”

Lu stated: “Chemtrails you non-believers, how is this normal?

“Why have aeroplanes never done this before?

“I’ve been a plane watcher for years, this is something new.”

And LeLe Freedom continued: “I’m pleased chemtrails is trending in the UK today.

“I’m out walking my dog early and some days it’s beautiful clear blue skies and then ‘they’ start spraying.

“If these were usual commercial flights we would never have blue skies.

“Keep sharing people.”

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They ended the Tweet, as had many other with the hashtag “Look up”.

However, not everyone agreed with the trending conspiracy theory.

Leo Jai, a former pilot said: “I seriously wish you lot would cut out this chemtrail bulls***.

“I’m a former commercial pilot with 35 years’ aviation experience and I can tell you that these are condensation trails.”

Tom Scott added: “Aircraft are spewing out a highly damaging gas, but it’s nothing to do with chemtrails, it’s CO2.

“One function of half-baked conspiracy theories is to distract from actual threats.

“The real threat is from far-right ideology, not from alien space lizards.”

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He ended with a very popular image circulating on social media in which an apparent trail in the sky has been photoshopped to read “You are an idiot” in a dig to those who believe the theory.

Another, Anna Stuyvesant, speaking of what would be trending on Twitter over the weekend, said: “At a rough guess, content will probably be: anti vaccines, Covid denial, anti-science, anti LGBTQ, a dash of racism, establishment bashing, loads of self promotion, and a topping of chemtrail nonsense.”

Mocking the conspiracy theorists, one social media user added a picture of a snail crawling along the floor stating: “Even the snails are leaking chemtrails now.”

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