Ballet director who smeared dog poo on ‘nasty’ critic’s face finally apologises

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    A ballet director who was was suspended from his job at the Hannover state opera after smashing a paper bag full of dog poo into a critic’s face has finally issued something resembling an apology.

    In a written statement, award-winning director Marco Goecke said: “I would like to apologise sincerely to all concerned, first and foremost to Ms Hüster, for my absolutely unacceptable act."

    "In retrospect,” he added, “I am clearly aware that this was a disgraceful act in the heat of the moment and an overreaction”.

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    But, unable to leave it there, Goecke went on to say that it was time for critics to “rethink a certain form of destructive and hurtful reporting that damages the whole cultural sector”.

    He singled out the victim of his dog poop attack, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung’s Wiebke Hüster, for what he called her “often nasty reviews”.

    After seeing one of Goecke’s shows, Hüster wrote: “One alternates between a state of feeling insane and being killed by boredom”.

    Goecke said that preparing for two shows in rapid succession had left him suffering from “nervous strain” that went some way to explaining his extreme reaction to the review.

    Before smashing the bag of fresh dachshund poo into Hüster’s face, Goecke had yelled at the critic, threatening to ban her from ever entering the opera house again , and accusing her of being responsible for theatregoers cancelling their membership subscriptions.

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    In his less-than-grovelling apology for the excrement assault, Goecke wrote: “I apologise for the fact that I finally blew my top, but I also ask for a certain understanding at least for the reasons why this happened”.

    Following the attack, Hüster was helped by a member of the opera house’s press office to a a nearby bathroom where she washed her face before driving to a police station in central Hanover where she reported the incident.

    Goecke now faces a police investigation on suspicion of bodily harm and slander.

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