Astronauts ‘REFUSE to confirm Moon landing was real in shocking footage’

Bart Sibrel claims he has proof the CIA orchestrated the famous Apollo 11 Moon landing – and believes no one has ever stepped on the lunar surface. 

As well as producing four films, Sibrel approached several astronauts from the 1969 Apollo missions and demanded they swear on The Bible. 

In one exchange with Neil Armstrong, he asked: “Why don’t you put your hand on Tte Bible and swear to god you walked on the Moon?”

The legendary astronaut, the first man to walk on the Moon on the mission, responded: “Knowing you, that’s probably a fake Bible.

“We’re passengers, we’re guys going on a flight”

Buzz Aldrin

He also claims to have unedited footage from NASA that features radio conversation between crew and a third confidential party that prompts the astronauts when to speak. 

Other conspiracy theorists argue that Russia was aware of the supposedly fake mission – but chose to sit on the bombshell information. 

One truther believes that both countries wanted to avoid escalating tensions, with the Cold War at its peak and nuclear weapons primed. 

This Saturday marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission – with NASA aiming to get humans back on the Moon by 2024. 

Daily Star Online previously revealed the next Moon mission will pave the way for asteroid mining and ignite a space race for minerals and metals worth trillions. 

A raft of other companies, including Space X and Virgin Galactic, are working towards space exploration and setting up colonies on other planets.

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