Astronaut saw cigar-shaped UFO in space then cracked mystery 34 years later

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Over the years, we've seen some serious alien action play out in space – well at least in movies.

But while a real life astronaut has never seen Star Wars style X-wings zipping past, or been called out to salvage a possessed abandoned ship like Event Horizon, or thank goodness, been dispatched to rescue a crew of terrified Earthlings from a Xenomorph, some have admitted to seeing up some pretty eerie things.

One of the most famous is Jim McDivitt, now 92, who was part of the crew of Gemini 4, NASA's second manned mission to space in June 1965.

Long before billionaires Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson embarked on their billionaire space race, he claimed to have seen a strange, white, cigar shaped UFO in the black abyss.

And 10 years later he was still totally bewildered as to what it was.

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Speaking on US television a decade later, he spoke at length about the 'UFO'.

He recalled: "At the time I saw it, I said there was something out in front of me or outside the spacecraft that I couldn't identify and I never have been able to identify it, and I don't think anybody ever will.

"We were in drifting flight and my partner, Ed White, was asleep.

"I couldn't see anything out in front of me except just the black sky.

"And it was rotating around, I noticed something out in front that was a white cylindrical shape with a white pole sticking it out of one corner of it – it looked like a beer can with a smooth pencil sticking out."

"I grabbed two cameras and took pictures of it.

"As the sun shone on the window, I could no longer see out and the thing just disappeared.

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"They checked NORAD records to see what they had up on radar and there wasn't anything within very close range of us."

The astronauts returned to Earth to a hero's welcome – but people were desperate to see the snaps Jim had taken of the mysterious stellar object.

Sadly the photographs hadn't come out very well, and just show a blurry smear. They became known as 'the tadpoles'.

Jim said: "I've seen the photos that were released.

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"I went back and went through each frame of all of the pictures that we took and there wasn't anything in there like what I had seen."

For those worried that it was in fact an alien craft observing Earth and waiting for the perfect moment to attack, Jim later admitted that the alarming object he had seen through the window was actually just the reflection of some bolts.

In 1999 he said: "And really what it was, was a reflection of the bolts in the windows.

"The windows were made up of about three or four or five panes of glass, so that if one got broken we still had some pressure integrity.

"And these little things, when the Sun shined on them right, they’d multiply the images off the different panes. And I’m quite sure that that’s what this thing was."

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