Asteroid Eros is ‘hiding alien base’ that NASA tracks, conspiracy theorist says

A self-professed alien expert has claimed that NASA 'have data' to prove an alien base is hidden in the Asteroid Eros.

Scott C. Waring took to his blog, UFO Sightings Daily to voice his view on why NASA has been closely monitoring the 16.8km long space rock for years.

The conspiracy theorist wrote on January 11: "This is a structure on an asteroid called Eros. Eros is famous for having been the first asteroid to have been orbited by a spacecraft. And looking at these photos, you can see why.

"You see, NASA always makes moves for a reason. They don't guess…they have data that they rely on and now we know why they went to visit Eros. They wanted to get some intel on the structures there.

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"I am wondering if they had found a signal coming from this asteroid, something unnatural that pushed them to do this mission. How did they know these structures were on it? I guess they will never say."

One of his fans responded to his tangent on YouTube saying: "This was very interesting the square-shaped entrance was fascinating."

Another added: "This is how cults start."

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A third said: "Why is there a ghosted house or structure on the inside face of that crater? Did anyone else see that? It’s like they’ve tried to hide something."

But Waring and his subscribers aren't the only ones sharing in this wild theory as in 2018 reports emerged that an unusual object could be seen on the 433 Eros asteroid.

The images show a rectangular-looking structure on the space rock’s surface.

NASA scientists said the object is a large, rectangular buyer that is 148-foot-wide.

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But online commentators were quick to question the space agency’s released documents, with some even claiming the object looked like a mining machine.

One commentator said: “Looks like a mining machine.”

Another sarcastically said: “Sure, boulders come in perfect rectangular shapes now with sharp corners, and some come in large long round white cigar shapes too.”

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