Asteroid as big as Burj Khalifa to make ‘close approach’ with Earth this weekend

An asteroid that’s almost as big as the world’s tallest building will make a ‘close appraoch’ with our planet this weekend.

The asteroid, called 2000 QW7, is estimated to be around 290 to 650 metres wide, which at the higher end, is almost as big as Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

According to NASA ’s Centre for Near Earth Object Studies, the asteroid will zip past our planet on September 14.

Thankfully, the asteroid will be around 3.3 million miles from Earth during the passing, although NASA still classes this as ‘close.’

This won’t be the first time that 2000 QW7 has passed our planet – the asteroid previously zoomed past Earth on 1 September 2000.

Following the close approach on Saturday, NASA predicts that the asteroid will next pass our planet on October 19, 2038.

While it’s extremely unlikely that this asteroid will hit Earht, NASA’s chief, Jim Bridenstine, has warned that more needs to be done to protect Earth from a killer asteroid collision in the near future.

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