Asda shopper stunned as cabbage costs eye-watering £700 in checkout mishap

An Asda shopper in Nottinghamshire was left dumbfounded after a self service checkout charged him £700 for a cabbage.

Michael Wright was at Asda in West Bridgford on Tuesday (November 15), finding himself in the familiar situation of struggling to scan vegetables through at a self service checkout.

He explained to a shop assistant that the cabbage he wanted to buy was not scanning as the barcode had been crumpled, reports NottinghamshireLive.

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But when the Asda helper on hand typed in the barcode's number, the price popped up as an eye-watering £700.92.

"The Asda employee had to type in the numbers under the barcode which generated the price on the screen as £700.92," Michael said.

The incident caused a commotion at the shop, with many shoppers giggling on their way past.

In the end, Michael swapped that particular cabbage for another one, which displayed the more appropriate price of 74p.

Michael added: "After much toing and froing and giggles from fellow shoppers I had to get another one which would scan at the much more reasonable 74p. It provided a talking point in the store."

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Such checkout perils are not unheard of.

In March 2021, the Telegraph reported on a woman who was accidentally charged £1,599 for a bunch of bananas at M&S.

Unfortunately for Cymbre Barnes, her apple pay had no spending restrictions, and so the payment went through.

To make matters worse, the only till in the Greenwich shop wasn't working, forcing her to go on a 45 minute journey to the next nearest M&S.

A spokesperson for M&S said the case was an "isolated payment error" and that it had apologised to Barnes and offered her compensation.


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