Amazed tourists spot ‘huge dark shape’ they think ‘could be Loch Ness Monster’

A tourist spotted what could be the Loch Ness Monster after he snapped a photo of an ominous-looking "huge dark shape" in the waters.

Etienne Camel had visited the famous lake with wife Elaine when the pair spotted what they believe is the elusive creature residing deep in the Loch Ness.

Now, a debate is raging on over whether this fresh photograph of the body of water is evidence of the beastly Nessie or just an odd patch of murky water.

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Etienne, a French pharmacist, described himself as a "man of science" but appeared quite taken with the "long, long shadow" out there in the lake.

He said: "It was quite strange. I am a man of science so I never believed that the Loch Ness monster is a prehistoric animal. But when I was taking a picture I saw this long, long shadow.

"I called my wife over and we saw the shadow move. I thought maybe it was a cloud, but there was none, or a boat, but none was near or reefs."

Fresh sightings of what may be Nessie had sparked debate earlier this year, with the Daily Star speaking to an expert over how likely the fresh snaps were of the Loch's infamous creature.

Elusive creatures expert Thomas Marcum dismissed the earlier images as "too far away" to fully verify.

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But recent photographs from Etienne has the pharmacist convinced of a major breakthrough, and speaking to The Telegraph, he maintained he saw something "moving" in the depths of the loch.

He added: "There were small waves, like something was moving. It was 15-20m long and was about 150m away. It was quite strange and then it disappeared.

"We could not tell if it was an animal, but something was moving under the water. I have never seen such [things] in lakes – and we have many where we live – before."

Whether the legendary monster has been snapped for the first time since the infamous "surgeon's photograph", now known to be a hoax, is yet to be confirmed.

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