‘Aliens’ watching Brits sunbathe as UFO hunter spots ‘craft’ over UK beach

Brits are being watched by aliens while they sunbathe, according to a UFO hunter.

People soaking up some rays on a Devon beach could be eye candy for creepy extra-terrestrials reckons John Mooner, a full-time alien investigator.

He saw something unusual while he was sitting on Exmouth Beach, and has no doubt about what it was that he witnessed.

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He said: “I walked along the beach, heading toward the harbour, and once I finally reached the end of the beach, I turned around to look back.

“I then spotted something rather unexpected – I just happened to see an anomalous object over by some trees and several hotels.

“I quickly took a photograph, successfully capturing the anomalous object, just before it disappeared or cloaked away from view.”

That anomalous object, in the mind of the Newton Abbot man, was clear.

“This is quite incredible and shows how prevalent this alien phenomenon is around Devon,” he said.

“I was not UFO-spotting this particular day and I still witnessed and captured a real sphere alien craft.”

He snapped the strange object with a Nikon Coolpix L26 camera on Tuesday (August 15) at around 6pm.

He is convinced the alien ship was taking in the beach goers as they sunned.

He said: “The object was sphere-shaped and metallic in nature, and there was a visible field around it.

“There was no form of visible propulsion and I watched it as it slowly glided through the air until it was directly above The Octagon, which is a shop that sells snacks and refreshments.

“I had a feeling that this large anomalous sphere was observing the people on the beach below.”

He has seen the otherworldly before. In June John claims he spotted something stalking the RAF’s famous Red Arrows at Torbay Airshow.

He said: “Without a doubt that these crafts are either extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional in origin.

“These crafts are not Russian or Chinese, they are clearly piloted by intelligent organic entities.

“They are clearly not of this Earth but are indeed from somewhere else.”

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