Aliens may be using the stars to send secret signals to each other – expert

You might think they're just pretty things in the sky, but the twinkling stars we see in the sky at night might actually be aliens using entangled photons from different stars to transmit messages across outer space, an expert says.

Terry Rudolph writes in a paper titled 'Perhaps they are everywhere?' that the theory is scientifically possible, if still pure speculation.

He writes that we shouldn't feel too bad for not developing such an advanced communication network ourselves, because aliens might just have evolved to use quantum physics differently to us.

Plus, what's quantum entanglement when you have 5G?

Quantum entanglement is a complicated process. It happens when multiple particles link up in a certain way.

No matter how far apart they are, observations of one of the entangled particles can automatically reveal information about the other entangled particles, and any action taken on one of these particles will always impact the others in the system.

At least, that's how NASA explains it.

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And if this hypothetical alien civilisation is particularly cautious, they could use physics to "hide their photonic entanglement," writes Rudolph, whose quantum computer company has just received $450 million from investors.

If the theory is true, it could help to explain why no evidence of life beyond planet earth has ever been found.

Rudolph concludes in his paper: "Entanglement, in our experience, only manifests itself when the cleverest of our species capture and protect it appropriately in controlled and delicate experiments.

"However, once one comprehends how incredibly robust, pervasive and useful photonic entanglement is the question is flipped – why is it that we did not evolve to make use of it?

"Why is it that this entanglement did not help us in finding mates or bananas?"

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