‘Alien corpses at Roswell UFO site’ are ‘example’ of cover-up, says US lawmaker

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    Conspiracy theorists who reckon the infamous Roswell UFO crash is proof of extra-terrestrial life have seen their bizarre claims boosted by a US congressman.

    The site, claimed to be the location of an alien crash in 1947, has been the subject of much focus from groups searching for evidence of life beyond Earth.

    Officials with the US military at first claimed a “flying disk” had been found before later saying it was actually a “weather balloon”.

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    But paperwork released decades later under the Freedom of Information Act showed how a US Airforce investigator saw “three so-called flying saucers” that were said to be piloted by “three pilots of human shape but only three feet tall” in New Mexico.

    Now, Republican Tim Burchett, of Tennessee’s second congressional district, has told the US Sun he wants full transparency into what really happened as it seems like the "perfect example" of a cover-up.

    He said: “To me, it’s just ridiculous… they claimed the objects were dummies dropped years later. It defies what the witnesses on the ground said they saw.

    “It’s a joke. I wished they had brought the redacted files from the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s and all the footage. I just think they’re hiding it all.

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    “They don’t think they have to tell all. I believe the American public can handle it.”

    Other American officials have insisted the supposed spacecraft was just part of a top secret operation from the US military.

    In the 1990s, they said it was an Air Force balloon used in a top-secret programme intended to determine whether the Soviet Union had conducted nuclear tests.

    Retired Air Force pilot Richard Weaver told Today at the time: “I don’t think the government is capable of putting together a decent conspiracy.

    “We have a hard time keeping a secret, let alone putting together a decent conspiracy."


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