Adorable moment monkey comforts grieving woman at funeral

The monkey – technically a northern plains grey langur – has become a regular at funerals in the area, and locals have come to think that it isn’t a proper funeral without him.

In our video, the adorable monkey can be seen walking past rows of mourners and making his way to woman at the front of the congregation before sitting down next to her.

The cute monkey then puts his right paw on the mourner’s shoulder and uses its other to affectionately rub her head.

He then calmly sits with the group of women seemingly offering its condolences as they talk to him.

Reports said that the apparently empathetic monkey has been taking part in the community’s funerals for over a year.

The son of 69-year-old Halappa Chikkamani, who died in January, told local media a similar story: “The monkey sat on my lap for some time and put its arms around me. It only went away after I stopped crying.

Reports said that the monkey appears to be able to identify the immediate family members of the deceased and prefers to spend time with them.

Local residents reportedly now feel that a wake is not the same unless the monkey comes to attend as well.

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