Will Hoge Finds Unbridled Joy in a Chance Encounter With 'John Prine's Cadillac'

Will Hoge once had a random encounter with John Prine in Nashville traffic that lodged in his memory.

“I look over and Mr. Prine was next to me in his Cadillac, shades on, music loud enough you could kinda hear it through the window,” Hoge says in a statement. “He was just grinning, bobbing his head. I stared and really wondered what the fuck song(s) is that motherfucker playing that’s bringing him that kind of joy?!?!? It’s one of the great unsolved mysteries of my life.”

Hoge attempted to capture that unbridled joy with his new song “John Prine’s Cadillac,” the singer-songwriter’s first release from his upcoming 12th album. Titled Wings on My Shoes, the project will be released Aug. 26 and follows 2020’s Tiny Little Movies.

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“John Prine’s Cadillac” gets a jolt of its upbeat energy from a combination of ringing electric guitars and crashing drums that alternate between quiet and loud sections. “I’m smiling like a sinner on a month without Sundays, I guess I’m pretty alright,” Hoge sings, articulating the giddy kind of joy he saw on Prine’s face that day.

“’John Prine’s Cadillac’ was written shortly after the loss of Mr. Prine,” Hoge says. “Thinking about his family. Reading all the comments about the memories folks had of him. The joy he seemed to have brought to folks’ lives. It was inspiring.”

Wings on My Shoes, which gets its name from a line in “John Prine’s Cadillac,” was produced by Hoge and recorded in one week at Nashville’s Sound Emporium Studios. Joining Hoge in the studio were his longtime backing mates Thom Donovan, Allen Jones, and Christopher Griffiths, plus multi-instrumentalist Joshua Grange.

Hoge has a handful of tour dates on the schedule, including a June 18 stop at the Astra Theatre in Jasper, Indiana.

Wings on My Shoes track list:

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