Why Don't We Says They're 'Now the Band We've Dreamed of Being' as They Start 'Most Exciting' Era

The boys are back!

Why Don't We has returned from its nine-month hiatus. Dropping song ″Fallin'″ along with its music video Tuesday, the band is ready for its ″most exciting era″ ever — and PEOPLE has some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from their music video!

The band — comprising Jonah Marais, Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery and Zach Herron — completely logged off of social media in February to both take a break and start fresh on the future of WDW.

″As amazing as social media can be, it can be a toxic place as well and it was nice to delete the apps off of our phones for a bit,″ Marais, 22, tells PEOPLE. ″It allowed us to just focus on writing this music and rest."

And that's exactly what they did. Over the past few months, the band worked on their upcoming music, which they've written and produced themselves. And one more thing: ″We're all playing instruments now!″ says Marais.

Switching up depending on the song, Marais will play the keyboards, synth bass and vocoder, Besson tests his skills on the guitar and bass, Seavey plays the guitar, drums and cello while both Zach and Avery hit the piano and guitar.

″We've grown up quite a bit,″ Marais says. ″We're now the band we've dreamed of being.″

″This will be the most exciting era of WDW,″ he adds. ″We wrote and produced this new music and it's the most genuine we've ever been."

The group returns in time for their four-year anniversary with track ″Fallin'″ — a drum-backed, pop-rock track that embodies the group's evolution from its debut album 8 Letters. The boys are grown.

″The music pushes a musical boundary and genre that we haven't tried before, and we're stoked to show this side of us to the world,″ says Besson, 21. ″We played all the instruments on the track and the lyrics are based on our real feelings and experiences while touring and during quarantine.″

Besson explains that the track is about ″going full send″ for a girl ″you've always wanted."

″The writing session was crazy because the song basically wrote itself. We started entirely from scratch and about 45 minutes later it was finished,″ he says. ″We actually recorded about half of the vocals at Daniel's house due to the pandemic and after hearing the demo for the first time I remember feeling like 'oh s—, this might be the song we’ve been waiting for.'″

Marais adds that the group was ″very involved″ in the whole video process, playing roles from the video treatment to set design to their own styling. (The video was directed by ″legend″ Isaac Rentz.)

″I hope our fans feel like they can let loose when they listen to this song and I can't wait to hear everyone scream the hook at the top of their lungs when we are able to play some shows again!" says Besson.

"Fallin'" is out now.

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