Ulrika Jonsson slams Jennifer Lopez’ naked snap saying it ‘got on her t*ts’

Former Gladiators host Ulrika Jonsson had to get something off of her chest today as she took aim at both Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez.

The 53-year-old, was sick and tired of seeing "post-50 women" looking nothing shy of sensational while working their age-defying bodies in front of the camera.

Her comments landed after J-Lo, 51, ditched every seam of clothing for a racy photoshoot, showcasing her timeless skin and muscular physique without even a whisper of excess skin or cellulite in sight.

The TV star fumed: "There's something that's truly getting on my t**s" before lunging into a rant, holding both J-Lo, and Jennifer Aniston, 51, in the frame.

Speaking out in her column for The Sun, the Swedish bombshell penned: "Can't bear it any longer. There's something that's truly getting on my t**s.

"And no, sadly, it’s not a handsome young man — it’s the constant and persistent bombardment of images of celebrities displaying their nothing-short-of-perfect bodies.

"The other day I had a little cry, inside, over Jennifer Aniston, who is 51, jogging her stunning body through some park in the US.

"Now, get this: The girl is just TWO years younger than me but her body is better than mine was at 27."

Singing songstress, Jenny From The Block, also hit the headline yesterday after she paraded her ageless curves in just her birthday suit.

The Love Don't Cost A thing hitmaker looked effortlessly beautiful as she unleashed her toned and tanned skin in a very steamy display.

Feeling a little glum after witnessing yet another "post-50 women" appearing to be immortal after boasting such fresh and youthful flesh, Ulrika added: "Yesterday was another low blow.

"J-Lo, who is also 51!, was pictured with not much clothing looking lithe and shiny, toned, feminine, robust, strapping even, and my feelings of insignificance were elevated to the very highest level.

"It's bad enough a dried-up old has-been like me feeling intimidated, paltry and pointless, but I’m concerned about the effect on all women, young and older, famous and 'normal'."

It may have come across that the TV starlet was tad bit resentful, however she later outlined that she was worried about what impact this would have on future generations to come.

Ulrika, who ordinarily comes across as quite a tough cookie was actually more concerned about her daughters, worried about the effects that continuous timeless images could have on mental health.

She went on: "As a mum of four — two of whom are young girls aged 16 and 20 — I'm painfully worried about what the effect of being surrounded by these images is doing to them and their sense of self-worth."

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