Travis Scott Gives His Shoes and Shirt to a Fan Rapping His Lyrics at Rolling Loud

The ‘Sicko Mode’ hitmaker appears to be impressed by a concertgoer who is able to keep up with his own rhyming pace as they trade lines on the mic, prompting the rapper to strip off his shirt and hand it over.

AceShowbizTravis Scott (II) gave his shoes to a fan in the audience at one of his shows. The “Sicko Mode” hitmaker was performing at Rolling Loud festival in the Netherlands over the weekend when he headed over to the front row to get closer to the crowd, and was quickly impressed by one guy who was rapping his lyrics straight back to him.

In video footage circulating online, Travis appeared impressed with the fan’s ability to keep up with his own rhyming pace as they traded lines on the mic, and promptly stripped off his shirt and handed them over, along with his shoes. While others in the immediate vicinity made a grab for the garments, the 32-year-old star made sure they went to the intended recipient.

The shirt appeared to be an unreleased piece of “Utopia” merchandise, while the shoes were custom Nike Air Jordans the rapper has recently been seen wearing. The Dutch fan later admitted he’d had the best night of his life.

He shared pictures of his new merchandise on Twitter and wrote, “GREATEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE (sic).” He also reposted fan footage of the moment he came face-to-face with his idol and wrote, “I WON LIFE (sic)”. And he told another fan, “i slept like a baby with my new babies ain’t gon lie (sic)”

Travis Scott’s fan shared pictures of the gifts he received from the rap star.

The fan expressed his excitement.

This isn’t the first time Travis has given away his shoes. Last year, he was leaving Los Angeles nightspot TAO when he saw a number of fans waiting outside for autographs and pictures.

Travis’ fan gushed over the experience with his idol.

Although he jumped straight into a waiting car, the vehicle then drove past the group and slowly approached the crowd. It then stopped, the window was rolled down and Travis handed over a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1 Low. The waiting fans rushed to grab the souvenir, with two taking home one shoe each as Travis’ car drove away.

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