The Beatles got juvenile kicks by practising their hits using X-rated lyrics

The Beatles got juvenile kicks by practising their hits using X-rated lyrics.

Songwriting partners Paul McCartney and John Lennon are seen giggling like teens over their use of rude words that never made the final cut of their tunes in director Peter Jackson’s new documentary on the band.

In the clip, Ringo Starr asks the pair during a jam session about one tune they were rehearsing: “Is that one called I’ve Got A Feeling?”

John replies: “It’s called I’ve Got A H**d-On” – and blasts out the song on his guitar using the dirty words.

Macca joins in the antics by tittering: “Everybody had a h**rd-on.”

He then makes an odd reference to the group’s track Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey by saying: “Everybody had a h**d-on except me and my monkey.”

I’ve Got A Feeling ended up on The Beatles’ 1970 album Let It Be – without any of the rude lyrics.

The Lord Of The Rings filmmaker Jackson’s new documentary on The Beatles, titled Get Back, is peppered with so many sweary moments its distributor Disney+ wanted the cursing removed.

But Jackson, 60, and Macca, 79, refused as they wanted to show a “raw” version of The Beatles’ final jam sessions.

Macca has previously admitted some of the group’s most famous lyrics are smutty in-jokes about sex and women.

He said he used to love slipping in phrases such as “fish pie” and “tit” on their records.

After the news of Lennon's death had been made public in 1980, McCartney was asked on the street how he felt about it.

His instant reaction was not what you might have expected. He quickly replied: "Drag, isn't it?"

Fans now know that McCartney had simply not come to terms with the event.

He has since spoken out about how he really felt once Lennon's death had been announced.

McCartney explained that after learning of Lennon's death, he returned home to be with his family.

He said: "We just went home. We just looked at all the news on the telly, and we sat there with all the kids, just crying all evening."

"Just couldn’t handle it, really."

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