Taylor Swift Denies Breaking Instagram with Livestream — Plus, Lindsay Lohan's Random Commentary

The “Me” singer took to Instagram Live on Thursday to announce her upcoming seventh album, “Lover,” and next single out now, “You Need to Calm Down.”

Taylor Swift made a huge announcement about her new single and album on Instagram live Thursday afternoon, and shortly thereafter the whole site essentially crashed? Coincidence? Swifties certainly don’t think so.

Her fans immediately took to the other social media platforms to give Swift full credit for bringing Instagram to her knees. Though her livestream was being watched by a whole lot of people, there’s no reason to necessarily associate all of that streaming traffic with the site’s issues. After all, IG has gone down for no notable reason plenty of times.

Nevertheless, her fans persisted so strongly that Swift herself jumped into the conversation … on Tumblr. Replying to the outpouring of fans saying she was to blame, Swift cheekily responded, "I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative," followed by a laughing emoji. Her hashtags, however, made it clear who she really thinks is to blame.

"I did not break the Instagram," she wrote, "Y’all broke the Instagram."

Inexplicably helping them do that was Lindsay Lohan, who was tuned in and responding live to Swift’s announcement, and even trying to get the "ME" singer to pay attention to her and even respond to her. As chronicled by one eagle-eyed fan on their Twitter feed, Lohan was dropping emojis, asking Swift to respond to her fans and even randomly shared, "My mom was in ‘Cats.’"

Good to know, Lindsay. Good to know. Swift did not respond to Lohan’s attempts to get her attention, but she will be starring in the upcoming film adaptation of the Broadway musical classic "Cats." Not that that was what this live stream was about, but okay LiLo.

Swift’s publicist, Tree Paine, also joined the voice of the people laying the blame IG’s wonky afternoon with her own response … on Twitter.

In all honesty, even if it was the Swifties then can’t we still blame Swift? It was her announcements and choice to stream it live on the platform that got them all so riled up, after all.

Swift was letting her fans in on her upcoming seventh album, revealing that it’s called "Lover" and will drop August 23. Swift’s passionate fanbase got all worked up as Swift broke down some of the details of her upcoming album, including the fact that with 18 tracks it will be her longest studio effort yet. She also told her fans that this album will be "romantic," as if its title wasn’t enough of a clue.

"This album in tone is very romantic," she said in her livestream. "Not just simply thematically, like it’s all love songs or something." That said, though, she did warn that romantic and love song doesn’t mean it’s all happy.

As proof, she also announced she was releasing her next single at midnight. That one is entitled "You Need to Calm Down" and speaks a powerful message well-timed for Pride month about the pointlessness of blind hate. You can check out the lyric video below … and then see if you can get its hook out o your head:

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