Stevie Nicks speaks out on Fleetwood Mac tour future after Christine McVie death

Christine McVie reminisces about Fleetwood Mac in 2017

Fleetwood Mac last performed together a few months before the pandemic in late 2019.

Even then it had been over a year since Lindsey Buckingham was fired from the band and replaced by Mike Campbell and Neil Finn.

Since lockdown ended, fans had hoped for a reunion, with Mick Fleetwood teasing a farewell tour that could potentially include Lindsey.

However, tragedy struck on November 30, 2022 when singer and keyboardist Christine McVie died of a stroke after a period of suffering from metastatic cancer.

This understandably dashed hopes of Fleetwood Mac reuniting and now Stevie Nicks herself has spoken out on the matter.

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Speaking with Vulture, Nicks was asked if she could envision a scenario where Fleetwood Mac could ever tour again.

The 75-year-old said: “We did go out on the road and do a year-and-a-half tour with Neil Finn and Mike Campbell. We had a really great time and it was a huge tour. That was there in the realm of possibility. But when Christine died, I felt like you can’t replace her. You just can’t. Without her, what is it? You know what I mean? She was like my soul mate, my musical soul mate, and my best friend that I spent more time with than any of my other best friends outside of Fleetwood Mac. Christine was my best friend.

“When I think about Taylor Swift’s song ‘You’re on Your Own, Kid’ and the line ‘you always have been,’ it was like, that was Christine and I. We were on our own in that band. We always were. We protected each other. Who am I going to look over to on the right and have them not be there behind that Hammond organ? When she died, I figured we really can’t go any further with this. There’s no reason to.”

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Nicks added: “And her songs, you take out all of those songs. Christine was the pop star. She wrote all those really super pop hits. None of the rest of us could write those songs.

“What would happen is we’d have to take the songs out, like we did when she actually retired for 18 years. We couldn’t re-create those songs. So we became a much more hard-rock band.”

A pretty final answer from the singer regarding Fleetwood Mac’s touring future, but who knows? Perhaps a mini-reunion with Lindsey is still possible. And there’s always the biopic which has had a script on the Hollywood Black List.

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