Stevie Nicks Says Signs From Another Realm Inspire Her to Write Songs

Stevie Nicks has often used signs from the spiritual realm to inspire her songs over the years. She doesn’t seek them out; Nicks is not a witch and therefore doesn’t dabble in the occult. However, these signs come to her whether she wants them to or not. She might as well use them in her songs.

Stevie Nicks said she’s recieved signs since 2011

In an interview with the New Yorker, Nicks explained signs beyond the grave have often helped her write songs. She started noticing them after her mom died in 2011.

“When my mom died… I started noticing that I would be looking for stuff, like a specific piece of jewelry. I just looked and looked and looked and couldn’t find it. And then I would say, like, ‘O.K., Mom, where is it?’ I swear to god, I would turn around and put my hand down and there it would be right under my fingers.

“In my bigger house, where I have my little recording studio, I have this chandelier, it’s a crystal ship, and then I have this moon-and-stars machine that you can buy at any lamp store. I point it up there and it makes the whole ship reflect all over the ceiling, and it looks like it’s in a big ocean.

“When my mom first died, I’d get in bed and I would not be paying much attention, and then I would look up and see this one little crystal floating around up there, and at first I couldn’t quite figure out what it was, and then I realized it was just the way that the light was hitting a certain crystal, but then it became her ship, her sailing ship, her old-fashioned sort of the Lost Boys’ ship.

“And, to this day, whenever I go there and I turn that on, I just feel her come into that crystal, old-fashioned sailing ship and just let me know that she’s still there.”

Nicks also received a sign from her mother that she was drinking too much Gatorade. So, these signs are both inspirational and practical. She also said she got a message from her late best friend, Robin, to end her failing marriage.

“And so this really gave me a certain religious thing that I never would have had before,” Nicks continued. “Sometimes when I walk on stage, if I’m really nervous, which isn’t often, I will say to Prince, ‘Prince, walk with me.’ And he does. I believe he just suddenly is there with me. And I feel Tom [Petty].”

Signs from another realm help Nicks write songs

The signs from the spiritual realm sometimes inspire Nicks to write songs. When she feels compelled to write something down, Nicks knows it’s coming from a spiritual place.

“Because, for me, anything that gives me an idea, it strikes me in the good part of my heart, right?” Nicks explained. “I have other notebooks that are just lying around on my bed, and I’ll just pick one of them to really quickly write that sentence down.

“I have little things written everywhere, and I try to tear them out immediately and stick them in my journal. So it’s just a feeling of an experience that you had a long, long time ago, and you remember something about it that you hadn’t thought about in a long time.

“And sometimes I really feel like that’s the spirit world just tapping me on the shoulder and reminding me of something that I hadn’t thought about in a really long time.”

She doesn’t know why she gets signs from another realm but loves that they inspire her to write songs

The Fleetwood Mac frontwoman doesn’t know why she gets these taps on her shoulder. However, she’s thankful for them. They help Nicks write songs. The New Yorker asked, “Do you think there’s anything, specifically, that you do that makes you more open or receptive to getting these taps on the shoulder?”

Nicks replied, “No, I don’t, actually. Because I think they happen out of nowhere, and I don’t think that they’re preceded by much. So I don’t think you’re necessarily ever closed. Like, we’ve come out of a two-year pandemic, but I have written—I would love to play it for you at some point—what I think is maybe one of the best songs I’ve ever written.

“And that made me really feel like there is no age limit on how good of a writer you can be. I hear all these older songwriters go, like, ‘I can’t write love songs anymore.’ And I’m, like, ‘Well, that’s just stupid.’ Because you have memories for days. Go open your memory library and check in there.”

So, if Nicks didn’t already have a supernatural vibe, she does now. We hope the spiritual realm keeps giving Nicks the inspiration she needs to keep writing hit songs.

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