Sharon Osbourne feels ‘mentally beaten up’ after Sheryl Underwood on-air spat

Sharon Osbourne is continuing to speak openly and honestly following her on-air spat with Sheryl Underwood.

The 68-year-old was prompted on air to spill her feelings about her close pal Piers Morgan after he faced backlash for saying he "didn't believe" Meghan Markle in the Duchess of Sussex's bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Things turned heated when Sheryl explained that former X Factor judge Sharon could be seen as a racist for defending her friend.

After things turned seriously heated in the live TV spat, Sharon was eventually dismissed from her job.

She was the last original member of The Talk from it launched over a decade ago.

Ozzy's wife who had devoted 11-years to the American programme, is now trying to move on but says she feels "mentally beaten up".

The music heavy weight explained to the Mail on Sunday that the aftermath lead to death threats against her and her beloved dogs, along with her children too.

Due to the number of hateful occurrences, Sharon had no choice but to ensure that her home security was modified for maximum protection – although she declares she hasn't been frightened by the incident.

The TV host wasn't upset over her departure, in fact Sharon already had a hunch that the show's dynamic had already changed which she didn't feel a part of.

In the interview, she was more saddened that after years of hard work and devotion to TV, the stint with Sheryl could leave the legacy that she is racist.

She vented: "I mean, it's insane. It's just not true."

The most upsetting factor of all was that she considered Sheryl to be a friend and felt attacked by her.

Sharon explained that Sheryl had broke her heart when she did not back her up for not being a racist.

Still upset over the public ordeal, the former ITV judge still had a bitter taste in her mouth when it came to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who she blamed for the fiasco.

Questioning the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, she fumed: "What are you victims of?"

"You wanted your freedom. You've got it. Now what is the matter? What are you complaining about?"

In Sharon's view, Meghan stepped out of line when she threw her sister-in-law Kate under the bus, explaining that William's wife had made her cry and that the fabricated story that things happened the other way round just wasn't true.

Although the last few months have proved to be devastating for Sharon and her family, she has vowed to continue to speak her mind freely and will be writing a book.

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