Scouting For Girls plan to tour well into their 70s – to pay for kid’s uni fees

Good news Scouting For Girls fans – the band will stay together for at least another 20 years.

Frontman Roy Stride has promised bandmate Greg Churchouse they will keep going so he can afford to put his newborn daughter through university. Roy told me: “Oh we are definitely going to keep on going. Greg has just had a kid and you know how expensive kids are!

“I mentioned something about doing slightly less festivals next year and he was like, ‘No you can’t retire until Marnie is at least 21’, and she’s not even one yet!”

But he doesn’t mind as Roy always saw Scouting For Girls touring well into their 70s. The singer continued: “Well, I don’t think I will ever retire. It is my dream to make music. We did a gig with The Wurzels and they’re like in their 70s and 80s and they’re still having a great time – that’s the dream.”

He is even up for an on-stage death –as long as it’s quick. Roy laughed: “I had this weird dream that I died recently and we were talking about dying on stage. If it was like a lightning strike and happened really quickly then I was like, ‘Yes that is the way to go!’ But I wouldn’t wanna be on stage for like an hour feeling really s**t and then die – that would be dreadful.”

There are plenty of opportunities to see the band in great health, though, as they have just announced a 2024 tour in support of new album The Place We Used To Meet and they’re supporting Busted for a huge Leeds Millennium Square show in July.

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