Roddy Ricch Encourages Astroworld Performers to ‘Give Back’ Their Earnings From the Concert

In a new interview, the ‘Project Dreams’ rapper also reveals the real reason why he decided to donate his money from the deadly festival to the victims’ families.

AceShowbizRoddy Ricch has discussed the Astroworld Festival and the money the performers got from the concert. In a new interview, the “Die Young” rapper encouraged all performers at the event to “give back” their earnings to Travis Scott (II).

“I really wanted to call out all the artists that got booked by him,” the 23-year-old rapper said during an interview with BigBoyTV published on Monday, January 10. He reasoned, “Because at the end of the day it’s like, we got booked by Trav.”

Roddy, whose real name is Rodrick Wayne Moore Jr., further explained, “Everybody know Trav gave us the money.” The Compton-born rapper added, “So at the end of the day if we see our brother or our friend going through something and he just booked all of us, I felt like I wanted to make an effort for everybody to have to give it back to him so he could take care of his situation.”

Roddy knew that the money “couldn’t fix the lives and the different traumatic incidents that happened.” Though so, he believed that he and other performers at the event, as fellow artists, “should have stuck” by Travis and “stood firm behind him.”

“We should be the first people to back him up because I know how it feels to be on that stage and sometimes you really don’t know what’s going on,” Roddy pointed out. The “Down Below” spitter stressed, “What I really was trying to do…I was trying to get everybody that was booked by him that received payment from him to give it back.” He noted that he felt “it wasn’t right” to spend that money.

When asked about his opinion on the crowd surge at the festival that left ten people killed, Roddy said that he believed Travis “has no intention to incite” it. “Every time we step out of the house there’s always a risk of something happening to us,” he began his explanation.

“So I feel like in those settings, being the person who’s controlling the crowd, as an artist, I don’t think anybody has no intention to incite crazy s**t like that,” he added. “As artists, we present our art to heal people or like to bring people together and we come for a good time.”

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