Prince Harry not being with Queen as she died was what she wanted, says psychic

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Prince Harry didn't make the passing of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, but that's what she would have "needed".

Psychic medium Jasmine Rose Anderson claimed to the Daily Star she was able to channel the spirit of the late Queen to confirm this.

When asked if her grandsons Prince William and Prine Harry knew it was going to happen, she said: "I feel they did know. I felt they just knew before they were told."

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But how does Harry feel about not making it to be with her for her final breaths?

"I don't feel Harry regrets this. I feel it was just the way things worked out that day and I feel a sense of relief. I feel he's particularly broken about her death and I think he would have struggled being with her as she passed," Jasmine answered.

She continued: "In some cases- I've seen this both in the nursing world and as a medium – some people wait until their child or grandchild have left the room to pass and it's sometimes because they know that person isn't able to deal with that at that time.

"Sometimes our presence keeps them here. We also hear often about people just hanging on till someone got there before taking their last breath. The fact that he wasn't there made the perfect conditions for her to pass the way she needed to."

The psychic also revealed that King Charles could lose his title as King within as little as three weeks.

She told: "As it stands the queen has no reservations about Charles taking the throne. She feels it's safest in his hands but knows ultimately it will become Williams. She would like to see Charles reign for at least the next 15 years.

"Unfortunately, I don't see this being the case. I feel Charles will abdicate to William. I see the number three and five associated with this.

"It could be as little as three weeks. It could mean the third month or the 3rd of the month or as many as five years."

She added: "Time is a man-made concept so it's hard to see exactly when this will be because right now I am seeing several timelines open for this and it depends on the next actions being taken – kind of like a butterfly effect.

"As it stands the crown could even be Harry's within the next eight years.

"Watch this play out because there are going to be huge changes in the UK and as a society as a whole including a financial crash by the end of the year."


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