Piers Morgan slams ‘pathetic wannabe Kardashians’ Meghan and Harry in fiery rant

Piers Morgan has fiercely slammed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in his new book Wake Up which was released today.

The Good Morning Britain presenter has become renowned for his verbal attacks on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex who announced they were leaving the Royals in January.

After leaving the Royal family the pair set out a new rulebook for the media, where they said they would be getting rid of the traditional royal rota system – a press pool for the Royals.

Piers told how he was astonished when he hear the couple's plan and suggested the pair are worse than controversial Russian president Vladimir Putin.

He also compared them to the Kardashian family – stars of their own reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians and who are in the constant media spotlight.

The presenter said: "I chuckled with disbelief as I read this. Even Putin wouldn’t a stunt to control the press like that and it doesn’t seem to fit very well with their woke world view.

"There is zero chance of the media following any ‘rules’ for covering these two now they’ve swapped Royal duty for money-grabbing celebrity stardom. If Meghan and Harry want to be the new Kardashians that’s fine, but they’ll get treated like the new Kardashians. But, honestly, who the hell do they think they are."

He also blasted the royal couple over their request to be out of the public eye while regularly posting on social media.

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He told of the Sussexes’ fallout with the British press over coverage and how they told in a statement they longed for a “quieter, more private life”.

He said this “naturally” this meant they “washed up in Beverly Hills, the paparazzi epicentre of the world” and would live in a “palatial home”.

The TV host claimed he didn’t “want to have to think about these two anymore" at the height of lockdown.

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Piers wrote: “But they keep hurling themselves into the news cycle as if they’re desperate to wrestle our attention back from a mere pandemic.”

He also attacked their approach to “ban four British newspapers from their lives“.

Piers wrote: “‘That’ll show ‘em!’ they clearly thought to themselves as they sat back in their luxurious mansion to wait for the inevitable applause and attention they’ve been missing for so long.

“Only, all it showed us was what a repellent pair of preening tone-deaf little twerps they really are.”

He also criticised Meghan for released a video of her and Archie reading the children’s book Duck! Rabbit! on May 6.

He raged: “On every level, this seems completely at odds with her and Harry’s professed desire to protect their son from public attention, and just more pathetic hypocrisy.”

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