Piers Morgan says ‘Boris is right’ to cancel ‘Freedom Day’ amid new virus strain

Piers Morgan appears to have swallowed his pride and confessed "Boris Johnson is right" for once.

This comes after the bold broadcaster, who has often slammed Boris live on TV from his old GMB news desk for what he saw as "endless terrible decisions during the coronavirus crisis", has mounted a surprise defence for the bushy-haired prime minister.

In his surprise column published today (June 14), the former Good Morning Britain host, 51, declared: "Boris Johnson is right. There, I've said it."

He began with his trademark sharp tongue, by branding Boris a "desperate-to-be-popular" Prime Minister who has made "endless terrible decisions during the coronavirus crisis" over the last 16 months.

He wrote: "The desperate-to-be-popular Prime Minister has finally understood that Covid-19 doesn't care about people's feelings.

"It's a merciless, cruel, vicious and sinisterly invisible enemy that will do whatever it can to infiltrate our bodies and wreak its horrific damage, especially on the weakest, oldest, sickest and most vulnerable members of our society."

It wasn't long ago that Piers was regularly bashing PM Boris from his GMB news desk, such as back in January when he launched a near-30 minute attack in which he accused him of being "too late and too dithering" as a leader.

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Earlier that month, he also called Boris and his government "utterly insane" following their U-turn on school closures during the pandemic.

Raging on air alongside his former GMB co-host Susanna Reid, Piers sarcastically remarked: "What a brilliant idea by the prime minister."

Piers continued in his Daily Mail column that the only way to defeat Covid is "by a cold, hard, methodical, data-driven scientific strategy that can outwit this ruthless and horribly cunning enemy" rather than moaning about how tough pandemic life is.

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Piers discussed "Freedom Day" believing it was doomed from the start, writing: "This obsession with June 21 being 'Freedom Day' was a doomed and deluded premise from the moment it was spun that way by over-eager lockdown-loathing government and media enthusiasts."

He continued: "Right now, it is very clear that we're on the verge of a deadly third wave of the virus that could exceed even the previous two waves if we're not very careful."

Offering sympathy to everyone who wants their freedom back with lockdown restrictions including social distancing to end altogether, he confessed: "I understand why people want their freedom back. I do, too.

"The longer this bl**dy thing has gone on, the more soul-sapping it's become for everyone."

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Piers went on to cite a number of stats such as cases rising by a third last week to almost 8,000, and the Delta variant's 64% higher rate of household transmission than the Kent Alpha variant, and that it's 42% more contagious outdoors.

Piers even confessed he'd be happy to clap the PM for his leadership if he ordered a delay to the June 21 easing – which he has since done – saying: "Boris Johnson made it clear when he announced his 4-part roadmap to freedom that his decision-making would be predicated on data, not dates. The data is crystal clear.

"Order the delay today, Boris, and for once, I'll be applauding you for doing the right thing at the right time, however much none of us wants it to happen."

Back in May, Piers teased he could be making an explosive return to GMB, and has claimed ITV bosses have reached out to him asking him to come back to the breakfast show.

This evening (June 14), Boris announced that the so-called Freedom Date would be postponed until July 19.

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