One Direction star Louis Tomlinson gives update on new album

BBC Breakfast: Louis Tomlinson discusses writing about grief

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Alongside One Direction, Tomlinson released five studio albums. Except for their debut, Up All Night, all of the band’s records reached number one in the album charts. After the quintet split officially in 2016, each of the members began releasing their own solo albums. Tomlinson released his first album in 2020; the final member of the band to do so.

When Tomlinson did release his debut album, Walls, it was met with mixed reviews and comparisons to Oasis.

However, the record did succeed commercially. Upon its release, it sold more than 35,000 copies.

Walls also debuted at number one on the album charts in Argentina, Portugal, Mexico and Scotland, while hitting the top ten in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Poland and Spain.

Now, Tomlinson has given some insight into when the next album might arrive.

Tomlinson wrote to his 35.9 million followers on Twitter: “Working hard on the next album!

“Enjoying taking the time. Hope everyone is doing good!”

Fans of the Doncaster local were thrilled by his update, with many sending their well-wishes towards him.

One, louisartbot, wrote: “so so excited to hear!!! sending our best energies your way.”

Twitter user obviouslyallyy said: “OMG SO EXCITED TO HEAR IT :))”

While louloveslouies cheekily asked: “can you tease us with some lyrics you’ve written recently?”

News of Tomlinson’s new album is welcomed, but fans of One Direction are no doubt waiting for news about any kind of reunion.

The band have been rumoured to be getting back together for a few years now.

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Tomlinson recently added fuel to the fire when he began reminiscing about his time in the band, which originally formed on the ITV show X Factor.

The 29-year-old posted some memories on the 11-year anniversary of his audition for the talent show.

He wrote: “11 years since my first audition! I had no idea on that day just how much would have changed between then and now.”

Tomlinson then added: “Thank you to everyone who’s been there for me along the way! We’re only just getting started!”

Earlier this year the odds on 1D getting back together were at a staggering 1/4 – but that could all still change.

Harry Styles’ arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during Eternals has ruined the chances of this happening.

Ladbrokes recently gave the band 6/4 odds on reuniting in the next 12 months.

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