Nicki Minaj Links Up With Bia for 'Whole Lotta Money' Remix

Nicki Minaj took to Instagram Live for a new Queen Radio broadcast, where she announced her teaming up with Bia for a remix of Bia’s “Whole Lotta Money.” The original track appears on Bia’s 2020 EP, For Certain.

“There’s something I urgently need to share w/you guys,” Minaj wrote ahead of the show, letting followers know she would reveal the information on IG Live. “No, I won’t be late. In fact, I’ll be early. This is VERY VERY VERY important.” During the broadcast, she announced that Queen Radio was continuing and taking place on IG Live. Lil Wayne joined her on video as a guest and Drake was scheduled to join as well, but was apparently unable to dial in.

Towards the end of the show, Minaj invited Bia to join her to talk about how they ended up working together. Minaj said she reached out to Bia to tell her she liked “Whole Lotta Money” and she discovered Bia had been sending her messages for three years. They ended up linking up for the remix, with the pair trading lines and feeding off each other’s rhymes per Minaj’s suggestion.

Minaj has been working on her fifth album. In May, she released her first solo track of the year “Fractions” as one of three new songs (alongside “Seeing Green” and “Crocodile Teeth”) to appear on the re-release of Beam Me Up Scotty mixtape.

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