Maya Jama slammed for ‘tone-deaf’ video outside Palace after Prince Philip death

Maya Jama found herself in the firing line after she uploaded footage of herself in a moving vehicle as she travelled passed Buckingham Palace soon after the announcement of Prince Philip's death.

Twitter users were appalled at her use of bad language branding her "disrespectful" and urging for her "to be sacked".

The BBC presenter, 26, had been on the move all day – if her social media feed was anything to go by that is.

Filming yet another stint in the car she travelled passed the Royal Establishment seemingly forgetting to pay her respects to the Duke of Edinburgh.

In the video clip shared to her Instagram feed, she remarked: "Oh my god, it's kicking off, yes f**k," as she passed by.

Outraged fans took to Twitter to share their shock branding the DJ as "vile" for using the f-bomb in the wake of the shocking news.

The first snippet, Maya was shown rubbing her eyes as she prepared to head to another job, she captioned: "Non stop today."

After realising she was now passing Buckingham Palace, she turned the camera to the window before recalling the news about Prince Philip.

At which point the Glow Up presenter said: "The Palace, oh my god yes, it's kicking off, yes f**k."

Speaking to her driver she added: "Prince Philip died did you hear?"

After watching the video, fuming fans took to Twitter to slam the TV star for not being "respectful".

One Tweet read: "This is disrespectful, she should lose her job.

"She has been in trouble for saying vile things before:Maya Jama drives past Buckingham Palace after Prince Philip's death & says 'The Palace, oh my god yes, it's kicking off, yes, f**k'."

Another wrote: 'Maya Jama drives past Buckingham Palace after Prince Philip's death. Gobshite.

"Complete & utter gobs***e. That man served in world war 2 & received a mention in despatches. Regardless of anyone’s views of the Royals show some respect.'

Another added: "@MayaJama disrespectful little Cow how dare you use such vile language outside Buckingham Palace in regards to the death of #HRHPrincePhilip. You are vile."

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