Matt Terry hints at teaming up with Adele and ‘promising’ Little Mix star

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X Factor winner Matt Terry revealed his dream music collabs in an exclusive interview.

The singer won the ITV show in 2016 and has since had a successful singing career.

When chatting exclusively to showbiz reporter Carly Hacon on a Daily Star Facebook Live, he revealed who he would love to team up with.

Matt, 28, said: "I feel like Sam Smith and I would sound great together. If I'm shooting for the stars, Adele, hello! Unrealistic, let's be real but I can dream. I love her, I nearly swore then, sorry, but she's the one."

But as fellow X Factor icons Little Mix officially split ways, who would he like to pin down on a track out of the lovely ladies?

He said: "Ahh, this is tough. That is so hard, that is really hard, I just love them I really do. I think they are phenomenal, they are icons. It's really tough that one, but, Jade.

"I couldn't choose I love different things about each of them but I think Jade. I think I can see her releasing music that I really want to listen to.

"Yeah, and the other girls are going to be mumming it up."

Matt is currently starring in the musical Rock Of Ages as Stacee Jaxx and fans from all over the UK can see him at a theatre near them.

Talking about his role, Matt said: "It's my third musical, I trained in theatre, so it's something I really wanted to do. I play the role of Stacee Jacks – who Tom Cruise played in the film."

But does he channel his inner Tom Cruise on stage?

"No, actually, my inspiration for this character is half Johnny Depp in Pirates of The Caribbean and half Harry Styles, it's like that rockstar vibe. And very Jack sparrow," he explained.

Prior to Matt taking on the role, Strictly star Kevin Cliffton took the spot for Stacee on the stage. But who did a better job?

Matt said: "I think we are very different. I think I bring Stacee vocalist and he was a very movement dancer. We are two very different Stacees but you bring your own strength.

"But I cannot dance like he can, no one would want to see that.

"That's the beauty of it, everyone who comes to play this part, they bring their own strength to it."

More info and tickets are available here.

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