Married At First Sight’s Mishel, 50, selling X-rated pics and ‘dirty knickers’

Former Married At First Sight Australia star Mishel Karen is making the most out of her platform, raking in cash from selling sultry snaps to her fans.

The star who appeared on the 2020 edition of the show had once stated that she wouldn't appear nude on her OnlyFans page but things seem to have taken a turn, with her selling X-rated videos.

Mishel, 50, had worked as a teacher at a small local school before hoping to find love on the matchmaking show after going through a divorce over 15 years ago.

The mum-of-two who boasts over 102,000 Instagram fans is certainly no stranger to showcasing her sensational figure but she is keen to maximise on it.

Taking to her OnlyFans account where she charges subscribers around £16, the reality star has shared 141 exclusive posts with her fans.

Mishel's bio reads: "If you just want to see naked, wrong subscription, I own way too many bikinis for that," but one of her posts goes on to say: "Check your DMs you will find the very first masturbation video I made."

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She went on to add: "It is the reason I cannot watch porn anymore! As my stuff is real and authentic when I orgasm I really do! it is not fake."

Another post that his hidden behind a paywall reveals that Michelle is auctioning off a pair of worn knickers, as well as a pair of socks that she had worn "all day".

"Check out your DMs… The highest tipper gets to keep the dirty knickers!" she said.

Mishel went on to say: "My highest bid for the knickers is $67.00, I have kept the knickers pristine in a clip seal bag so they smell like me."

After first joining the site back in October 2020, Mishel promised that the content she provided wouldn't be risqué, saying: "I am new on this platform…

"I am checking it out and you can check me out. This is an intimate view of my world, not a collection of intimate photo.

"Expect – bikini outdoors garden and some cheeky pictures. NO sexual content".

During her time on Married At First Sight Austalia, Mishel was paired with Steve Burley, who later admitted that he didn't find the brunette bombshell attractive.

He later confessed his true feelings, telling Mishel: "The attraction side of it for me is just not there, obviously there's got to be an attraction in a relationship moving forward."

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