Lizzie Cundy says she’s ‘better looking than Gary Lineker’ as she eyes up MOTD

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    Lizzie Cundy has "auditioned" for Match Of The Day, with the starlet saying that she's "better looking than Gary Lineker".

    Appearing on TalkTV on Sunday morning (March 12), Lizzie appeared on James Whale's slot alongside Ash Gould.

    Discussing how Gary Lineker was taken off of his Match Of The Day duties by the BBC, following his recent comments about the government's new asylum policy, Lizzie put herself forward to fill in for the 62-year-old former football player.

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    The BBC recently stated that Gary would be stepping back from his MOTD duties until an "agreed and clear position" on his social media use is made.

    A decision that was made after the Leicester-born sport star compared the language used in the launch video for a new government asylum policy to language used in 1930s Germany.

    Lizzie, 54, who is the former wife of footballer Jason Cundy, appeared on TalkTV where she eyed up a new TV presenting stint.

    Taking to Twitter on Sunday afternoon, Chuck Thomas, who produces shows on the channel, shared a clip of Lizzie's "audition" for MOTD.

    In the clip, Ash could be heard saying: "Here we go, this is Lizzie's audition. Part two. For Match of The Day."

    As the iconic music played, Lizzie could be seen dancing in her seat before heading footballs that were thrown at her head.

    After heading more than three balls, Lizzie exclaimed: "I've got the job," before making a cheeky quip.

    "I'm better looking than Gary Lineker, let's be fair," she added.

    Fans were in agreement with Lizzie's cheeky statement, with one writing below Chuck's tweet: "Actually, I think you would be great."

    And a second penning: "Definitely better looking. Former wag never gets on those football shows."


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