Little Mix's new song contains tongue-in-cheek lyric about Simon Cowell

Little Mix make a playful tongue-in-cheek dig at Simon Cowell in a song on their upcoming new album Confetti, due for release on Friday.

Jesy Nelson, Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall have included a jokey lyric at the music mogul’s expense in the track Not A Pop Song, which refers to them leaving his record label Syco.

A source close to Little Mix told ‘The girls wanted to do something tongue-in-cheek about their past and taking control of their careers with this new album Confetti – their first with new label RCA.

‘It’s not bitchy – and isn’t meant in a bitchy way at all.’

The insider added: ‘They think Simon will see the funny side of it – as they know he loves attention and will think it’s all playful.

‘It’s about them growing up and becoming women in a way.’

The lyrics read:

I don’t do what Simon says
Get the message cuz it’s read
That’s just life it never plays fair
Said to follow any dream, be a puppet on a string 
Works for you but that isn’t me
This ain’t another pop song

Little Mix had signed to Simon’s record label Syco after winning The X Factor in 2011, however they split ways in 2018.

It was even more of a surprise as news of their parting broke just days before the hitmakers were due to release their fifth studio album LM5. 

Little Mix have since moved on to RCA, which is still under the Sony Music umbrella like Syco. 

In March, Leigh-Anne told leaving Syco was ‘a shock to the system’ as they had been with the label for such a long time.

‘But now we’re with RCA and it’s nice to have fresh people to work with and fresh ideas,’ she continued.

‘But everyone needs change in their life I guess.’ 

When asked if they have more freedom under RCA, Leigh-Anne stated: ‘I feel like we’ve had control from the start. 

‘We’ve always been the type of girls to walk in and be like, right, this is what we want. We were like that from The X Factor. We’ve always taken the lead but I think it’s gotten better now that we’ve got older.’ 

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