Liam Gallagher slams Kurt Zouma and swipes don’t f*** with cats after cruel clip

Liam Gallagher has hit out at shamed footballer Kurt Zouma after he was seen kicking and hitting his pet cat in a shocking video.

The former Oasis frontman took to Twitter to fire a warning shot at the West Ham centre back over the clips which were posted online by the French footballer's brother.

The footage caused outrage across the country as Kurt appeared picking up his pet cat before dropping it and kicking it across the room.

He was then seen chasing the feline before slapping it to the ground as a young child was seen holding the animal up for him.

Throughout the footage, his brother was heard laughing at the cruel actions, while the cat was seen fleeing in terror.

Animal lover Liam – who performed at last night's Brit Awards – has since posted the warning about harming cats.

He posted: "Oh and by the way don’t f*** with the cats."

Liam is a cat owner himself, often proudly sharing images of his own pair of pet pussies Sid and Nancy.

Following his tweet, he tellingly posted a picture of the pair sitting in his bed together to his Twitter page.

Meanwhile, West Ham have come under fire after Zouma was allowed to play in last night's Premier League fixture against Watford at the Hammers home ground, London Stadium.

The decision has led to heavy criticism for David Moyes and the powers that be at the club from fans who believe the player should have been suspended due to the shocking video footage.

Football fans took to social media to lash out at the decision after he was heavily booed every time he got a touch on the ball on the pitch.

One wrote: "Zouma should be in a cell not playing on a football pitch tonight. West Ham have basically just said that animal abuse is fine."

Another added: "Are you seriously playing Zouma after what he did to that poor cat ??? He wants sacking."

A third continued: "Cat kicker Kurt Zouma is playing for West Ham against Watford tonight. Selected by a club with no antenna for public outrage. Disgusting decision. Should the Irons have let him off like this?"

Another shocked fan posted: "Zouma is still playing?!!!!! No, that’s unacceptable. What does that say about us as a club? Shameful."

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