Liam Gallagher says he’s more popular than Noel after he refuses Oasis reunion

Liam Gallagher , 47, has taken aim at Noel Gallagher's popularity – and the size of his head.

The cutting remark comes after the High Flying Birds hitmaker, 52, sat down with quizmaster Matt Morgan for an interview, aired on YouTube.

During the interview, Mark asked Noel what's the "kinkiest thing he's ever done".

Noel replied: "Hang on a minute…I don’t know. I don’t know if I've done anything kinky that I would be willing to admit to on the internet."

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Liam, who watched the clip on Twitter, wrote underneath: "What a pair of boring a**ewipes cmon you know LG x."

Noel's video garnered 1,600 likes, whereas Liam's comment racked up 5,000 likes and plenty more retweets.

After seeing the visible difference in reader engagement, one fan asked: "How does Liam get more hits than Noel on this?"

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"Because I' m not a boring little fart with a massive head," Liam replied.

However, his frequent online outbursts haven't gone down well with his estranged sibling.

Last month, Noel told Big Issue magazine every bad tweet Liam writes is "another nail in the coffin" when it comes to a possible Oasis reunion.

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"It's strange behaviour for someone who is gagging for me to pick up the phone and say let’s do it," he said.

"He'd put his whole life on hold to get Oasis back together. But every tweet he sends out, it’s another nail in the coffin of that idea."

He added: "If you think for one minute I am going to share a stage with you after what you've said you are f***ing more of a moron than you look."

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